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Noa Mori

Hi, I’m Noa (she/they). I’m an artist, writer, designer, researcher, synthetic biologist, and organizer. I’m fascinated by urban political ecologies, socio-technical-ecological systems, and futurist animisms. I dream of expansive futures not flattened by a colonial conception of the future as a fixed destination to be controlled.

I am a lo-fi bedroom-synth pop producer and a bioplastic designer/engineer/environmental strategist.

You can reach me by email, and find me on instagram and are.na.

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Another Wednesday

An interactive and visual poem grappling with the dread, grief, and absurdity of anthropogenic climate catastrophe. The piece considers the queerness of petroleum intimacy, the necropolitics of crisis, and the moral imperative of world-building. Gameplay implicates the user who lends a literal hand in producing the language. Click on the window and then use the ︎ and ︎ arrows on the keyboard to control the hands. Wait a moment or reload the page if the game does not show up below. Turn on volume if desired.

October 2019
Design Collaboration with Everett Epstein Poem and audio by me; Collaboratively programmed in p5.js