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Noa Mori

Hi, I’m Noa (she/they). I’m an artist, writer, designer, researcher, synthetic biologist, and organizer. I’m fascinated by urban political ecologies, socio-technical-ecological systems, and futurist animisms. I dream of expansive futures not flattened by a colonial conception of the future as a fixed destination to be controlled.

I am a lo-fi bedroom-synth pop producer and a bioplastic designer/engineer/environmental strategist.

You can reach me by email, and find me on instagram and are.na.

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Synesthetic Synthesizer

Using MAX/MSP and Arduino, I created an interactive system that modified signals from a MIDI controller. The waveform, levels of reverb, volume, and envelope were modifiable through signal input from a data glove that Jack designed. The glove was equipped with flex sensors and accelerometers. The signal was then sent to Zane’s light-wheel, which displayed a beautiful light show. The final product was a tactile, auditory, and visual experience.

July 2013

Performing with the system.

I coded the polyphonic synthesizer and the interactions between the glove and light-wheel through serial communication using MAX/MSP. My program was able to transfer MIDI data into sound waves, transfer data from the glove into instructions for the synthesizer, and send data to the light-wheel.

Jack’s sensor glove with a backdrop of Zane’s light wheel. The sensor glove allows performers to bend their fingers or tilt their hand to affect the volume, velocity, reverb, or waveform of the oscillating signal produced by a MIDI controller. The signal was then directed to the light wheel to simultaneously create a light show.