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Noa Mori

Hi, I’m Noa (she/they). I’m an artist, writer, designer, researcher, synthetic biologist, and organizer. I’m fascinated by urban political ecologies, socio-technical-ecological systems, and futurist animisms. I dream of expansive futures not flattened by a colonial conception of the future as a fixed destination to be controlled.

I am a lo-fi bedroom-synth pop producer and a bioplastic designer/engineer/environmental strategist.

You can reach me by email, and find me on instagram and are.na.

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Transformation Study

A study on architectural projection and the transformation of form through shadow. The sculptural piece was created through a combination of impulsive and calculat- ed decision-making. The sculpture was then measured and drawn, mathematically projecting the cast shadow of the hanging slabs in isometric projection. I then created a small model of the sculpture and used a light source to cast and record the shadow path with the light at three distances.

October 2016 Project for Introduction to Architectural Design (MIT)

Instructor: Lorena Bello

above: exploration of the space created through shadows, planar form, and extracted form above: exploration of the cast shadows of the sculpture through mathematical calculation. all hand drawn.
above: exploration of the various possible shadows cast/transformations of the sculpture. image 1: hand painted (watercolored) shadows of the sculpture. image 2: the process: created by making a laser cut scale model of the sculpture, using a directed light source to cast shadows, and capturing the cast shadows with an overhead mounted camera.